Vote for RADIO.COM's Artist of the Summer

Vote in our Artist of the Summer bracket and share it with your fellow stans on social using the hashtag #RDCxAOTS. The winner will be announced on RADIO.COM’s Twitter on the first day of fall, September 22nd.
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7 Grilling Tips to Make Your Labor Day Cookout a Hit

For many of us, Labor Day is one of the last times we’ll get to enjoy grilling outside before the cooler weather begins. Here are some tips to make sure your holiday weekend cookout goes off without a glitch.
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Airbnb-Like App Will Let You Rent Out Backyard Pools This Summer

If you’re looking to take a dip but don’t have access to a swimming pool, Swimply, a service many are calling an Airbnb for swimming pools, is here to help! Find out how to rent a local pool now.
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94-Year-Old Great-Grandpa Glides Down Waterslide in Viral Video

A Choctaw, Oklahoma resident shared a video on Facebook of his grandfather going down a waterslide into a pool over the Fourth of July weekend.
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Dad Warns of the Dangers of Mermaid Tail Swimsuits After Incident With His Daughter

A father in New Jersey is sharing a scary, near-drowning incident his daughter expeirenced. He is now warning other parents about what could happen if they buy mermaid tail swimsuits for their children.
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Safeway Summer Setup

Enter for a chance to win the ultimate Summer Setup from Safeway!
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Man Charged After Swimming in Bass Pro Shop Fish Tank

If you’ve ever seen a huge indoor aquarium at a Bass Pro Shop store, you may have had a fleeting thought about hopping in. But police in Bossier City say one man’s thoughts didn’t flee — and he fled from the store soaking wet after jumping in.
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Slacker and Steve - Mosquitoes Love Amber. Now We Know Why! 6/29 (Audio)

Click to listen to Slacker and Steve talk about mosquitoes. Everyone knows what it's like to be bitten by mosquitoes, but it seems like Amber gets more than her fair share of bites. Now we know why! How do you avoid mosquitoes?
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Practical Tips to Avoid Getting Bit By Mosquitoes This Summer

When summer comes each year, mosquito bites seem unavoidable for most. For those that can’t stop being bit, research has found some practical tips to avoid mosquitoes this summer. Read them now.
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Is it Safe to Go to a Barbecue During the Coronavirus Pandemic?

As summer approaches, parts of the country are still dealing with COVID-19 cases spiking. Is it safe to go to a barbecue during the COVID-19 pandemic?
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