Teen Survives Over 30 Hours Alone in the Woods After Running From Killer

A 15-year-old boy’s survival instincts kicked in when he ran from the man who murder his father and survived roughly 30 terrifying hours in the woods alone. Read more about his experience now.
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Man Running

Slacker and Steve - These People Shouldn't Be Alive! 9/24 (Audio)

A hiker was injured after falling down a 20ft waterfall and had to “carry” his broken leg while crawling for two days to be rescued. How have you escaped death?
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Slacker and Steve - When It Started to Get Dark, She Thought She'd Never Make It Home Again 3/5 (Audio)

This is some real “Misery” stuff. A woman was arrested after terrorizing and controlling a man she held captive for two weeks. Also, a grandma was posing for a photo on an iceberg and had to be rescued after floating out to sea. What’s the craziest thing you survived?
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