Broken Window

Slacker and Steve - She Had a Bad Feeling. Then She Saw the Broken Glass 1/7 (Audio)

You know when you just have *that feeling*? TRUST IT! Never second guess yourself! What was the craziest time you had a gut feeling?
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Man Running

Slacker and Steve - These People Shouldn't Be Alive! 9/24 (Audio)

A hiker was injured after falling down a 20ft waterfall and had to “carry” his broken leg while crawling for two days to be rescued. How have you escaped death?
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Slacker and Steve - This Is Why You Should Pay Attention to the Weather Forecasts! 7/8 (Audio)

Have you guys seen videos from those California earthquakes? So scary. There’s a possibility that another one could happen within the next week. What are your natural disaster survival stories?
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Slacker and Steve - When It Started to Get Dark, She Thought She'd Never Make It Home Again 3/5 (Audio)

This is some real “Misery” stuff. A woman was arrested after terrorizing and controlling a man she held captive for two weeks. Also, a grandma was posing for a photo on an iceberg and had to be rescued after floating out to sea. What’s the craziest thing you survived?
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