BJ & Jamie: Michael Phelps to Race A Great White Shark. 7/10 (AUDIO)

Earlier this month, it was announced that 23-time Olympic gold medalist Michael Phelps had grown tired of racing humans and will instead race a great white shark. That race, which will air on July 23 for Discovery’s Shark Week, now has a super intense trailer with an appropriately dramatic name:...
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BJ & Jamie: Pee in the Pool..Close your mouth! 3/2 (AUDIO)

Summer is coming and the science community is asking to not pee in the pool. Research shows that a normal size pool can hold 8 gallon of pee before it starts becoming toxic! Read more HERE Video of Don't pee in the pool. Here's why. - Headline Science
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BJ & Jamie: Rio Still Not Acceptable (Audio)

More problems for Rio before the start of the Olympics on August 5th. A bloated corpse was found floating the in the bay where Olympic swimmers and sailors will compete. Competitors have been told to keep their mouths shut because of the pollution in the water. One doctor stated that the marathon...
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