BJ & Jamie: O.J. Simpson Spotted Having A Bloody Mary. 10/9 (AUDIO)

Oj Simpson was seen drinking a Bloody Mary while waiting for some fish tacos. BJ had predicted that OJ will be back in prison before the New Year and now he thinks he will be in before Thanksgiving. Read the whole story HERE Video of O.J. Simpson Orders Bloody Mary While Waiting for Taco Takeout
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BJ & Jamie: NEW Taco at Taco Bell! 01/12 (Audio)

THE GREATEST THING SINCE THE DORITO SHELL!!! Taco Bell is releasing a brand new taco on January 26th. BJ and Jamie give us the details. ALSO, a lady is suing Chipotle for $2.2 billion!! Video of Taco Bell exposes The Naked Chicken Chalupa Related Show/Host: BJ & Jamie Video of Woman Sues...
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BJ & Jamie: Bad Promo (Audio)

A Toronto street taco chain, La Carnita, was forced to tweet an apology after the restaurant posted a caption on Instagram stating, “What if Donald said ‘Grab her by the taco’…”. The restaurant suffered immediate backlash, people were calling for a boycott, as well as for the restaurant to donate...
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