Taco Bell

BJ & Jamie: BJ's New French Fries Stories 6/28 (Audio)

BJ has fast food stories this morning because he is starving. Taco Bell is bringing back the Nacho fries, Dunkin Donuts new donut fries and Sean did not like the Pickle chicken sandwich from KFC. An employee at a Chick fil-a saves a man from choking. Check out the Nacho Fries from Taco Bell HERE!
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Sam Hill: Taco Bell Dessert Quesadilla, Taylor a Robot, Granny Skydiving and More!

Taco Bell is at it again- making weird stuff. The latest idea? A Kit Kat and Twix Quesadilla. Actually... looking at it, it looks pretty yummy. Evidently, Taco Bell has such a product already out in the UK and is just starting to test it here. If you know someone who lives in Wisconsin, that's...
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Taco Bell Ditching the Drive-Thru to Sell Booze?

If you frequent the drive-thru at Taco Bell, this news may make you sad. The popular chain announced today that they are going to get rid of the drive-thru and instead offer booze at some new locations. This change probably won't affect too many existing locations, but the chain is planning on...
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