Man Winking

Slacker and Steve - Steve Has Weak Winking Skills 3/03 (Audio)

Click to listen to Slacker and Steve talk about embarrassing things they can't do. Steve thinks he can wink pretty well, but Slacker thinks otherwise. What's a simple thing that you can't do?
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Slacker and Steve - She's Singing Praises, but Wants Praises of Her Own 7/1 (Audio)

Margaret is getting some backlash at her church’s choir. The church has had some meetings and music was brought up a lot, specifically complaints about Margaret because she’s “too good.” A lot of the other choral singers are intimidated by her beautiful voice, and the church is taking their...
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Slacker and Steve - GMD - Their Daughter Has a Bright Future, but They Don't Know If It's the Right Future 3/14 (Audio)

Ken and Rachelle have a beautiful, outgoing 6 year old daughter. Even at her young age, people will stop her in the street to compliment her. Ken thinks him and Rachelle should hire a talent agent for their daughter. Rachelle believes putting their daughter through possible child stardom would...
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