Group of High School Students Test Positive for COVID-19 After Attending Beach Party

A group of New Jersey high schoolers tested positive for COVID-19 after they went to a Jersey Shore beach party together, according to a report.
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Family Exercising

Slacker and Steve - GMD - He Wants to Pay Their Daughter to Work Out, but Mom Isn't On Board 10/24 (Audio)

Sam and Kelly are married with two daughters. Their oldest daughter is 15 and isn’t obese, but Sam thinks she should drop a few pounds to be healthier. Sam is big into health and fitness, and wants his daughter to join him, so he wants to pay her to go to the gym with him. She doesn’t have a lot of...
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Man Drinking Milk

Slacker and Steve - Steve Still Remembers the First Time He Drank Whole Milk 9/18 (Audio)

There are some things that you can finally do after moving out and being on your own, like the peanut butter DOESN’T BELONG IN THE FRIDGE, you can wear flannels whenever you want even though it’s not a “jacket,” and you can buy as much Miracle Whip as you want! That last one was what Slacker did,...
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Teenager Home Alone

Slacker and Steve - GMD - He's a Great Kid, but Should They Leave Him Home Alone? 8/22 (Audio)

Justin and Anna are getting ready to leave for a 4 day vacation, and they were planning on taking their 14 year old son with them, but he recently changed his mind and wants to stay home. Anna thinks he’ll be fine and won’t cause any trouble. He hasn’t gotten into trouble in the past, and this will...
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Slacker and Steve - GMD - They Have a Big Disagreement Over Something Their Teenage Sons Are Doing 10/25 (Audio)

Julia and Rob have two teen boys that fight all the time. Julia thinks they need to learn how to figure things out for themselves. She used to get in physical fights with her brother growing up, but they learned to stop. Rob thinks that as parents, they need to step in. The boys recently got into a...
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Slacker and Steve - We Wish Someone Had Given Us This Advice When We Were Teenagers 10/23 (Audio)

The teen years are some of the worst, with figuring out who you are and building/breaking some relationships. What’s the 5 word advice you’d give to a teen?
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Slacker and Steve - Her Parents Owned a Rental Property. They Had No Idea What Their Daughter Used It For 10/17 (Audio)

BUSTED! A mom caught her 13 year old son driving her new car to his girlfriend’s house after he turned off the wifi so she couldn’t see the security cameras. What happened when you snuck out?
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Slacker and Steve - OPP: Young with an STD 8/1 (Audio)

A 15 year old girl was learning about STD's in her health class, when she realized she has several of the symptoms for an STD. She made an appointment with her doctor to be tested, and isn't sure whether or not she should tell her mom or ex-boyfriend about the possibility of her having an STD. What...
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LOOK: Ryan Reynolds Helps Teen Get Revenge on Ex-Boyfriend

Ryan Reynolds just slayed Twitter. The 40-year-old actor helped teenager, Gabi Dunn, send a message to her ex-boyfriend.
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