Slacker and Steve - He Loves Teeth So Much, He Deserves a Plaque! 5/30 (Audio)

LeBron James is obsessed with candles, Slacker is obsessed with serial killers, Steve is obsessed with miniature things, T. Hack is obsessed with sneakers, and Erin is obsessed with Joe Walsh. What’s your weird obsession?
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Slacker and Steve - Getting Some People to Go to the Dentist is Like Pulling Teeth 1/14 (Audio)

Serious question…why do dentists ask us questions while working on our teeth? You know we can’t answer. What are your dentist stories?
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Slacker and Steve - It's Almost 'Tooth-Hurty'...Time for Dentist Disasters! 11/2 (Audio)

Most of us hate going to the dentist and that’s completely logical. Some workers were renovating an old building and found 1,000 human teeth inside a wall. One dentist said they were about to give a root canal when they noticed a tomato seed sprouting a plant in a patient’s gums. What’s your...
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