Sam Hill: A Tequila Shortage and The Most Frivolous Lawsuit I've Seen Today

Happy Valentine's Day friends! I have some potentially bad news for those of you that just looooove your tequila. We could be facing a tequila shortage! Goodbye, margaritas? The world is headed toward a tequila shortage https://t.co/TAkw79f98J — CMG National News (@CMGNationalNews) February 8, 2018...
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BJ & Jamie: Study on Studies. 5/15

A study about Health Study shows they are all a bunch of crap. You see reports that salt is bad for you.. or now Salt is good for losing weight. And Sparkling water will make you fat. Tequila is now good for you like wine. A bit every day is good. So if we could pick anything that they say is bad...
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YI! Tila Tequila Can't Believe the Earth is Round Because Airplanes Can Land and Buildings Aren't Tilted We haven't heard from TILA TEQUILA for a while, and here's why that's a good thing: Yesterday she went on a Twitter rant about how the believes THE EARTH IS FLAT. She said, quote, "It's 2016...
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