Roller Coaster

Slacker and Steve - "Wait a Minute, Where'd Ya Get That Roller Coaster In Your Backyard Again?" 9/6 (Audio)

We can’t decide if these are stupid stealers, or kind of smart stealers? A woman was caught doing the ol bait-and-switch scheme after trying to steal a $28,000 ring from Costco (didn’t even know they sold jewelry there tbh). Another person stole a full roller coaster ride. Just drove off with it.
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Slacker and Steve - These Construction Workers Enjoyed a Hot Meal, but Didn't Know They Were Being Watched! 4/22 (Audio)

A doggie cam captured a man who made himself VERY comfortable in a woman’s apartment. He took a shower, and tried on her bikini, bra, and high heels. Yikes. Also, the US Navy is under investigation after a camera was found in the woman’s bathroom on the USS Arlington. Double yikes. What are your...
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Slacker and Steve - These Inmates Tried to Blow Up Their Correctional Facility. There Was Only One Small Problem 12/18 (Audio)

Inmates planning on blowing up a detention center got caught after mailing their plans to the wrong person. A porch thief put up a fight to make sure she got the box that was filled with cat poop. When have you stopped a crime?
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Slacker and Steve - Contrary to Popular Belief, If Bruce Springsteen Asks You For Money, It's a Scam 9/27 (Audio)

The chances that Bruce Springsteen will ask you for money are VERY slim, but people are still believing it. One woman ended up sending “Bruce” $11,500 but it was just someone claiming to be “The Boss.” When have you been scammed?
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Sam Hill: Blockbuster, Bugs and Instant Karma!

Did you know there are still a few Blockbuster videos around the country? The last one in Texas JUST closed and that leaves just a handful of 'em... I remember having a VHS copy of The Breakfast Club for about 10 years that I kept forgetting to return. I shudder to think of the late fees on that...
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