Birthday Alone

Slacker and Steve - You're Officially Old When You Enjoy Spending Your Birthdays Alone! 8/23 (Audio)

There’s a trending topic on Twitter, #YouAreOfficiallyOldIf, and some of these don’t really mean you’re old, like growing up with VHS tapes, both T.Hack and Erin are in their mid-late 20s and grew up with those, same with having a crank handle to operate car windows. So what are some true you are...
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Slacker and Steve - Catch Slacker Roller Blading Around Town Soon! 3/29 (Audio)

Remember Tamagotchis? Or that pinball game on PC that everyone played when they were super bored? What about that iconic triangles, squiggles, and circle patterns on everything? We miss the 90's. What do you miss from the 90's?
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Slacker and Steve - Turn It Up! It's National One-Hit Wonder Day! 9/25 (Audio)

Happy National One Hit Wonder Day! From "Black Betty" to "Take On Me", we have seen some amazing music from bands that went off the grid after their one time success. What is your favorite one hit wonder?
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