Sam Hill: $9,000 Ball of Yarn, Rose and Jack's Dilemma and More!

Here's some of the topics I touched on today! A "tin can" for a grand? A fake paper cup for 95 bucks? A ball of yarn for 9 THOUSAND dollars? All things you can get from Tiffany's Every Objects Collection. Finally, the perfect shopping site for all my stocking stuffer needs! I kid, I kid... So, the...
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Sam Hill: ICYMI- Parrot Orders from Alexa, The End of the World and more!

Hey Alice friends! First up, Happy First Day of Fall! It finally feels like it now, doesn't it? Every day during my show, I post one blog that has links to a bunch of the stuff I chatted about while on the air (Sometimes I add to it as I go along)! Here's today's list of fun stuff- not as fun as...
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