BJ & Jamie: 3 Crazy Stories, Dino Fire, DMV Crash and Toys R Us Founder Dies 3/23 (AUDIO)

There is a story out of southern Colorado at the Royal Gorge park. A big T-Rex Dinosaur sculpture that breaths fire has caught fire and burned up. Another Story of a 17 year old girl who panicked and drove through the front windows of the DMV. That is why Student Drivers on the road freak us out...
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BJ & Jamie: Grinch Bots Buying Up The Hot Toys. 12/14 (AUDIO)

The Grinch Bots are ruining Christmas. They are computer robots that buy up all the toys and hot products before the consumer can even get a chance to get them for the kids. Read all about Grinch Bots HERE! Video of ‘Grinch-Bots’ Buy Holiday Toys, Resell With Huge Markups | NBC Nightly News
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The Talkboy Toy Turns 25 Years Old This Week!

It started as a prop for the 1992 hit movie, Home Alone 2: Lost In New York , but it became one of the hottest toys of the holiday season 25 years ago. Yes, we're remembering the Tiger Electronics product, Talkboy . In fact, the original model hit retail shelves 25 years ago this week. The product'...
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