Slacker and Steve - When Will You Go On a Vacation Again? 5/19 (Audio)

Click to listen to Slacker and Steve talk about vacations. 65% of people are planning more summer vacations after being cooped up during the pandemic. When do you think you'll go on a vacation again, and where will you go?
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Flights Have Been Packed Amid Coronavirus: Is Flying Safe?

The coronavirus pandemic has put a dent in travel plans for many, yet people are still finding themselves on packed flights when embarking on necessary travel. Is flying even safe right now?
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Airplane Passengers

Slacker and Steve - GMD - They Have a Big Trip Planned. Should They Cancel Because of Coronavirus? 3/5 (Audio)

Click to listen to Slacker and Steve try to help John and Stacy. They're married with kids and have a big trip planned this June with John’s dad. They’re going to Normandy during D-Day. Stacy wants to cancel the trip because of Coronavirus fears. She thinks health should come first. John is...
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If You're Traveling, Don't Be This Person!

IMPORTANT QUESTION. Who owns the right to the window shade?
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Slacker and Steve - These Are Some of the Best-Kept Secret Vacation Spots 7/24 (Audio)

You don’t have to go to the other side of the world to have a great vacation. In fact, Telluride is one of the top vacation spots in the U.S.! But, if you’re interested in exploring the world, Paris, New Zealand, and Rome are the top three vacation spots. What are your happy travel tales?
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Man on vacation

This Company Wants to Help You Fake a Vacation to Show Off for Your Friends

Because who actually wants to go on vacation amiright?
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Dubrovnik Croatia

Vacation in Westeros with These ‘Game of Thrones’ Tours

If you’re idea of the happiest place on Earth looks more like King’s Landing than Disneyland, then you’re in luck. Game of Thrones fans looking to use their vacation days to explore the real-life locations sites of the HBO series now have several tours with which to visit Westeros. You’ll want to...
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Dunluce Castle Northern Ireland

Jaw Droppingly Beautiful 'Game of Thrones' Locations You Can Visit in Real Life

Croatia, Spain, Iceland and more stunning locations from Game of Thrones.
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Slacker and Steve - What Happens In Vegas...Ends Up On the Radio 2/21 (Audio)

What happens in Vegas, gets posted on social media and we get to hear about. CONFESSION TIME. What’s the wildest thing that happened to you in Vegas?
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Slacker and Steve - To Land This Date, He Had to Soar to New Heights 2/19 (Audio)

Love makes us do crazy things, like getting their name tattooed, stealing a car to drive thousands of miles away, or pick up running as a hobby. What’s the most bizarre way you’ve tried to prove your love?
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