Slacker and Steve - These People Are Lucky to Be Alive! That's Why We'll Never Pick Up Hitchhikers 10/2 (Audio)

A lot of scary movies have a hitchhiking murderer, but that doesn’t happen a lot. One person picked up “one of the most polite people he’s ever met” John Wayne Gacy Jr…wait…that’s the clown murderer… Okay…Do people even hitchhike anymore? What’s your hitchhiking story?
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Slacker and Steve - GMD - Traveling Together 9/20 (Audio)

Louis and Natalie are planning a trip to Australia, but they ran into a problem. Natalie is a little scared of flying and wants to take separate flights to make sure that IF something were to happen, their kids would have at least one parent coming home. Louis doesn’t think it’s anything to be that...
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Slacker and Steve - GMD - Should Steve Go To Ireland? 9/6 (Audio)

Steve has saved up a bunch of money to take a trip to Ireland with his college friends and recently got married (no, not our Steve.) His wife Lisa basically wants Steve to get over the idea of this boys trip and use the saved money for other things, like starting a family. He had dreamed of this...
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Silhouetted plane

Commercial Airplanes May Have a Very Different Look Soon

Airplanes of the future may be windowless.
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