Slacker and Steve - This New Cereal Trend Is Pretty "Cool" 5/28 (Audio)

Click to listen to Slacker and Steve debate cereal. There's a new trend of putting your bowl of cereal in the freezer before you eat it. Would you try it? What other food hacks do you like?
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You Put What On Your Face?!

It’s normal to go and get your nails done, it’s not normal to leave the salon with a FUNGAL INFECTION. Other not normal beauty things: putting Crisco on your face, and ironing your hair with an actual iron. What is the craziest thing you’ve done for beauty?
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Sunflower Selfie

Slacker and Steve - These Instagram Trends Need to Go! 10/24 (Audio)

We have a love/hate relationship with Instagram…It’s fun to stalk people, but it’s easy to get knee deep in stalking your ex’s cousin’s girlfriend… What are your pros and cons to social media?
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Slacker and Steve - Let's Be Thankful These Aren't Still In Style 1/23 (Audio)

WON’T THAT RIP? Engagement ring piercings are the new wedding “trend.” It’s the WHOLE ring right under your skin. What are some other weird fashion trends?
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Slacker and Steve - Wazzzzup With All These Things We Used to Do? 1/16 (Audio)

Looking at all of these "How Hard Did Age Hit You Challenge" makes us a little embarrassed of our past. Did you ever spend money on ringback tones? Used lyrics from a Dave Matthew’s Band song as a title for a photo album? Yelled “don’t taze me bro” in public? That’s embarrassing. Why are you...
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Art Teacher Makes Sarcastic Halloween Graveyard for Trends That "Died" in 2017

For one New York art teacher, Halloween offers a chance to bury some of society’s worst trends. Michael Fry, a 39-year-old art teacher from Mamaroneck, NY, is making headlines for his hilarious set of Halloween decorations. For the third year in a row the feather of two has painted gravestones to...
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LIST: The Most Awkward Halloween Costumes for 2017

We just found a list of 50 costumes that are trending this year and some are a bit crazy! Here are some that stood out on the list to us: 1. Avocado Toast I looked for a photo of the costume, but there isn't one out there. I think this is one you'd have to create yourself. This could also be a cute...
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Emojis With Better Hairstyles Might Be Coming Soon!

Currently, emojis have very few hairstyle options. So it can be super tough to choose one that looks like you, right? Well, emojis with new hairstyles might be coming our way very soon! The almighty emoji commit (how does one get on that, by the way?) is focusing on four additional emoji selections...
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