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Slacker and Steve - Well That Should Teach Him a Lesson! 8/5 (Audio)

Click to listen to Slacker and Steve talk about peculiar punishments. Well that should teach him a lesson...A 14 year old took their family car for a joy ride, so his parents got rid of all of his stuff. What's the most peculiar punishment you've given/received?
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Angry Teacher

Slacker and Steve - Slacker and Steve Both Had Violent Run-Ins With Their Teachers 1/16 (Audio)

There are some teachers you remember for good reasons, like they inspired you so much that it changed your career path, and then there are those you remember because they are just terrible and hooked up with students. What are your terrible teacher stories?
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Doctor Drinking at Work

Slacker and Steve - More People Are Drinking at Work Than You Realize 10/1 (Audio)

64% of women and 70% of men admitted that they’ve drunk or buzzed at work, and the other 36%/30% are liars. What are your wasted at work stories?
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Slacker and Steve - Crashing the Car Into the Garage Really Ruins Your Summer 7/23 (Audio)

This is a very unique punishment, and we think it’s a good one! A judge ordered a man who spray painted graffiti on a train to paint railings with a toothbrush. What are your peculiar punishments?
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Slacker and Steve - Be Nice to Your Wife, Or Else You Might End Up in the Dentist's Chair! 6/27 (Audio)

An English woman found out her husband was cheating, so she sold his prized soccer memorabilia for $6. The collection was actually worth more than $56,000, so that’s more like an extreme punishment. What are your dog house punishments?
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Slacker and Steve - If You're Gonna Call In Sick, Remember How to Spell Your Name 2/28 (Audio)

BUSTED! A young burglary suspect ran from police when he tried to climb over a six-foot fence, but he got stuck because his UNDERWEAR got snagged on it. When’s the funny way you got busted?
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Slacker and Steve - The Judge's Sentencing Wasn't Strict Enough for This Mom So She Made a Request 12/18 (Audio)

A judge ordered a man to watch “Bambi” at least once a month during his year-long jail sentence for illegally killing hundreds of deer. Another judge ordered repeat offenders who play music too loudly to listen to his music collection, which included Barry Manilow and the theme song of Barney and...
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