BJ & Jamie: Kylie To The Rescue! (Audio)

Tyga’s beloved Ferrari has reportedly been repossessed, but not to worry, Kylie to the rescue! Jenner bought a brand new Bentley SUV for Tyga. She stated that she had the Ferrari moved while they were shopping, and it was not repossessed, but there are no reports as to where the Ferrari is now...
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BJ & Jamie: Tyga's Lambo Impounded (Audio)

Rapper Tyga is having his car repossed. The performer is allegedly owes $350k for the vehicle and hasn't made any payments. This morning BJ and Jamie talked to some listeners to find out what it is like to have your car repossed.
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BJ & Jamie: Lions, and Tygas, and Kims. (AUDIO)

Watch out for mountain lions in Jefferson County. Is Kylie Jenner knocked up with Tyga's baby? Kim K has more nude selfies.
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