BJ & Jamie: UBER Driver is AOL guy. 11/8 (AUDIO)

Back in the 90’s AOL had the iconic line "You've got mail." If you were ever wondering whose voice was responsible for them, it's a guy named Elwood Edwards. He is no longer voicing AOL alerts, he is now an Uber driver. A woman wound up in his car and apparently found out he was the voice and got...
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Slacker and Steve - Wild Uber Stories (Audio)

Hey! Uber drivers can get tired too! Juan Carlos ordered an Uber to take him from Philadelphia to the Bronx. While on the ride the driver got tired and asked the young 20-year-old to take over the wheel. However, the driver’s nice nap was short lived when he heard police sirens and was jolted...
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Weird Wake Up

Police in Virginia are trying to make sense of a woman's story about how she took an Uber ride to a taco restaurant and somehow woke up the next day in the backseat of a stolen car. The 22-year-old Arlington woman claims she drank a bottle of wine and called an Uber to take her to District Taco on...
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