Slacker and Steve - He Set the State Record for Highest Test Scores...By Guessing 11/6 (Audio)

These stories sound straight out of a movie. A fisherman rescued an 18 month old baby from the ocean. The baby had escaped his parent’s tent and crawled to the ocean. The fisherman randomly decided to try a different fishing spot that morning and found the boy. Another man was injured by an...
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Slacker and Steve - Doctors Thought She Would Need a Wheelchair for the Rest of Her Life. Then the Miracle Happened 10/29 (Audio)

There are no other words to describe what happened. This was a miracle. A historical church caught fire and almost everything was destroyed. ALMOST EVERYTHING. But this painting of Jesus was left nearly untouched. It only had a few drops of water on it. What miracle happened to you?
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Slacker and Steve - A Crib Stopped a Bullet from Hitting a Baby 10/8 (Audio)

A baby's crib stopped a stray bullet from hitting the baby! A kite broke off the string at the park and ended up landing back at the person's house! What's your "wouldn't believe me if I told you" story?
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