Sad Birthday

Slacker and Steve - Most Birthdays Are Fun. Hers Is Cursed. 1/16 (Audio)

Way to take one for the team! This KC Chiefs fan is a known bad luck charm, so he will stay home while they play their championship game! When have you been cursed?
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Black Cat

Slacker and Steve - Steve Isn't Buying the Whole "Superstitious" Thing 9/13 (Audio)

We are superstitious, but we are a little stitious ;) Happy Friday the 13th! What are your superstitions?
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Slacker and Steve - Wrecking Your Car Isn't Usually Considered Lucky, but It Was for This Guy! 7/17 (Audio)

This is one lucky man! He was joking around with some friends about how lucky he is, when he decided to buy some lottery tickets and won A MILLION DOLLARS. When do you have some big luck?
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Slacker and Steve - OPP - Strange Things Keep Happening to Him...Could It be a Curse? 5/13 (Audio)

Sebastian dated his ex-girlfriend for 3 years, and she was an admitted practicing witch. She had spell books, and all sorts of stuff. She talked about putting curses on people that have wronged her. It ended up creeping him out, which is why he ended the relationship suddenly, but now he’s scared...
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Slacker and Steve - Producer Erin Might Have Had Something to do with Stan Lee's Death 11/12 (Audio)

Have you had some travel trouble that just can’t be explained? Maybe you’re travel cursed. 14% of people said they feel that they have such bad luck traveling that they actually feel travel cursed. What’s the worst string of bad luck you’ve had?
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