Slacker and Steve - OPP: Helping a Friend Breakup Follow-Up 11/18

The other day we had an OPP from a guy named Aaron whose friend wanted help breaking up with his girlfriend. Someone mentioned that we should call Aaron’s friend’s girlfriend and break up with her ourselves, but even more people said we should call the coward himself and tell him to grow up! That’s...
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Slacker and Steve - UPDATE: OPP-Cold Feet Adoption (Audio)

Yesterday we broke the rules and did an OPP from Julia. She was getting cold feet before going into a lawyer's office to sign adoption papers to adopt a baby. She emailed us this morning. Listen to find out what happened!
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Slacker and Steve - UPDATE: GMD-Assisted Suicide (Audio)

A while back we had a Great Mate Debate that discussed a life or death situation. Nicole and her sister Kate called in to get help regarding their dying mother who was suffering from a terminal illness. Nicole wanted to take her mother down to a treatment center in Arizona to try a new method of...
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