Wife Working and Ignoring Husband

Slacker and Steve - GMD - She's Focusing On Her Career, but Not Her Marriage 9/12 (Audio)

Mike and Kim are having a tough time in their relationship, and Mike is at a breaking point. He thinks that Kim works too much and she doesn't have time for him. Kim says she is at a pivotal point in her career and can't give it all up now. Mike pretty much is saying it's her job or their...
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Women at the Spa

Slacker and Steve - She Planned a Girls' Trip, but Her Girls Are Trying to Change It 9/11 (Audio)

Tracy has been planning a girls trip with her closest friends for a while now, but now she might have to uninvite people. People that weren't even invited in the first place. A few of the friends want to bring their husbands along. Tracy really wants this to just be a girls getaway, so she doesn't...
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Making It Rain

Slacker and Steve - You Can Splurge On Everything When You're Steve 8/22 (Audio)

Most people would spend all of their money on traveling, food, or cars. If you won the lotto tonight, what’s the first thing you’d splurge on?
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Teenager Home Alone

Slacker and Steve - GMD - He's a Great Kid, but Should They Leave Him Home Alone? 8/22 (Audio)

Justin and Anna are getting ready to leave for a 4 day vacation, and they were planning on taking their 14 year old son with them, but he recently changed his mind and wants to stay home. Anna thinks he’ll be fine and won’t cause any trouble. He hasn’t gotten into trouble in the past, and this will...
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Slacker and Steve - Why Would Slacker Want to Get Out of Doing This!? 7/29 (Audio)

Ahh, yes. Cruises. A great place to relax, have a good time, and get into a bloody fist fight because someone wore a clown costume. What are your crazy cruise stories?
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Slacker and Steve - GMD - It's a Trip of a Lifetime, but She's Scared to Go 7/25 (Audio)

A free vacation? SCORE. But it’s to the Dominican Republic…that’s a little scary. Trevor and Bailey can’t decide if they should accept it or not. Trevor thinks they should because it’s a FREE vacation! They can be a little more cautious about what they eat and drink, but they should absolutely take...
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Slacker and Steve - These Are Some of the Best-Kept Secret Vacation Spots 7/24 (Audio)

You don’t have to go to the other side of the world to have a great vacation. In fact, Telluride is one of the top vacation spots in the U.S.! But, if you’re interested in exploring the world, Paris, New Zealand, and Rome are the top three vacation spots. What are your happy travel tales?
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Slacker and Steve - OPP - She Went On Vacation to Get Away. Did She Go Too Far? 7/15 (Audio)

Helen has been dating this guy for four months, when she went on a three week summer vacation. When she got back, things were weird. He told her to stay in touch while she was away, and she admits she didn’t do the best at it because she wanted to be in the moment with her friends, but once she got...
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Slacker and Steve - That's The Last Thing You'd Want to Find In Your Hotel Sheets! 6/25 (Audio)

Oh noooo. A man was stabbed in the toe with a hypodermic needle that was under his hotel bed. Another person heard screams and loud cries and reported the noise, only to find out that a haunted house was set up in the room next to him. No sleep that night. What are your hotel horror stories?
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Slacker and Steve - GMD - He Wants a Free Vacation, but She Would be Miserable 5/30 (Audio)

Austin and Jules have the opportunity to go on a FREE vacation, but it’s with Austin’s friends and Jules doesn’t really like them. Austin was in a fraternity with Shawn and have been good friends ever since, but Shawn hasn’t really grown out of the “frat boy” phrase. She especially doesn’t want her...
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