Slacker and Steve - Here's a Tip: Leave a Tip 5/14 (Audio)

This waiter should get a tip…He returned a check worth nearly $424,000 to a customer who lost it, and she didn’t tip him. What are your server stories?
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Slacker and Steve - These Servers Deserve an Award for Dealing With These Customers 11/2 (Audio)

Now THAT’s a tip! The Boston Red Sox went out to celebrate their World Series Title. They spent around $300,000 and left a tip of $195,000. What’s your server story?
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'American Idol' Stars Katherine McPhee & David Cook Are (Separately) Heading to Broadway This Spring!

Two American Idol stars are heading to Broadway this spring! Katherine McPhee is making her Broadway debut this spring! McPhee, who was the runner up on season five of Idol , will take over the lead role of Jenna in the Broadway musical Waitress . Sara Bareilles is currently starring in that role...
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