Nothing Like A Tall Glass of Water

There is nothing as thirst quenching as a glass of water. A GLASS. Only a glass. Why is that?
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Life Hacks

Slacker and Steve - We Finally Know How to Keep Champagne Bubbly! 8/21 (Audio)

Wait, wait, wait. People are putting black pepper in their washing machines to prevent colors from fading? What are some other life hacks?
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Slacker and Steve - Why Would Slacker Want to Get Out of Doing This!? 7/29 (Audio)

Ahh, yes. Cruises. A great place to relax, have a good time, and get into a bloody fist fight because someone wore a clown costume. What are your crazy cruise stories?
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Slacker and Steve - Snorkeling Is Fun, Until a Shark Bumps Into You 6/17 (Audio)

Not even a shark could stop this guy from getting a drink. He was bit by a shark, stitched it up himself, and got a cold one with the boys. What are your ocean stories?
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