Slacker and Steve - Embrace the Bouj! 10/25 (Audio)

Now this is boujee! One person paid for $1 MILLION for a parking spot in Hong Kong. Flexin’ on these haters. What’s the most boujee thing you’ve done?
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Slacker and Steve - Ed Sheeran Just Dropped Some Serious Cash 7/23 (Audio)

WOW. We can’t even imagine what it’s like to have that much money…Ed Sheeran spent $25 million on his house, and his neighbors started moaning about the excessive noise. So he spent another $5 million to purchase the properties on either side. WOOOOOOW. What are your gross displays of wealth?
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Slacker and Steve - GMD - He Knows They Can Make a Lot of Money, but She Doesn't Feel Right About It 1/4 (Audio)

Curtis' father just recently passed away and has inherited his money. He wants to invest in a marijuana dispensary to make more money but his wife, Maria doesn't think it's a good idea. She doesn't want people at her job to know and says that his father would not like it if they spent the money on...
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Slacker and Steve - Steve Grew Up a Little Differently Than Slacker Did 12/21 (Audio)

We all knew those kids growing up that had Lunchables every day, wore Air Jordan's, and had their birthday parties at Water World or Chuck-E-Cheese. What were some of the tell-tale signs for you that showed you or your friends that you were rich growing up?
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Slacker and Steve - Some of Us Spent Prom Night in a Hotel, but It Was Nothing Compared to This! 12/4 (Audio)

This man went all out on this proposal. We mean, ALL OUT. Rose petals, a poem and SIX DIFFERENT RINGS. A little much. What the grossest display of wealth you’ve seen?
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Bj&Jamie: Tinder Select App!! Rich people need love too!!! 3/9 (AUDIO)

Are you very weathy?? Just want to smeone to love you for you?? This just might work in your favor. The new Tinder Select App. exclusively for the rich! Read more HERE: Video of The Do's and Don'ts of the Dating App Tinder
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