Slacker and Steve - Who Knew Wasabi Could Be So Dangerous!? 9/25 (Audio)

First, Broken Heart Syndrome is a real thing. Second, it was triggered in this woman after she mistook wasabi for avocado and ate a giant scoop of it! How has food hurt you?
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Sleazy Salesman

Slacker and Steve - Want Some Beef Jerky? It's In My Coat Pocket 9/19 (Audio)

As tempting as it might be, we're not going to buy hoemade beef jerky out of the back of your truck on the side of the road. What's the weirdest thing someone tried to sell you?
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Water Bottles

Slacker and Steve - H2Oh My Gosh, How Many Water Bottles Does She Have? 8/28 (Audio)

Addictions usually have negative connotations, but we don’t want to talk about those ones. We want to talk about the harmless addictions you have, like lip balm (guilty,) cracking your fingers (also guilty) or Dr. Pimple Popper videos (not guilty.) What is your harmless addiction?
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TV Head

Slacker and Steve - Someone With a TV Head Is Terrorizing This Neighborhood 8/22 (Audio)

In the age of selfies, ALWAYS. CHECK. THE. BACKGROUND. One daughter sent a picture of her decorated dorm room to her mom left a pair of handcuffs hanging on her bed. She gave the excuse that her friend left them there after filming a short film. Yeah, right. What’s the weirdest thing you’ve seen...
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Slacker and Steve - When It Comes to Chili, Steve Is an Expert 4/23 (Audio)

Steph Curry is an expert when it comes to stadium popcorn. He has ranked popcorn at ALL 29 NBA arenas based on their freshness, saltiness, crunchiness, butter, and presentation. Producer T. Hack is an expert when it comes to gas stations, specifically in the mid-west. Casey’s General Store has the...
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Slacker and Steve - How Did They Get THAT In THERE!? 4/18 (Audio)

I guess you could say this nurse has some bad blood… A nurse was busted after stealing a patient’s Rolex and selling it to a pawn shop. She was charged with grand theft. What are your bizarre ER stories?
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Slacker and Steve - Is Slacker the Only One Who Eats His Candy This Way? 4/9 (Audio)

Steve was eating M&Ms, just by taking the package and dumping it into his mouth. HOW DARE HE? Slacker says he has to spread them all out and organize them according to color. Then he works down to make an equal amount per color. What are your little weird ticks?
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Slacker and Steve - Steve Has Never Been Stung by a Bee 3/28 (Audio)

There are some things that EVERYONE does…well…almost everyone. Some have never seen “Friends,” others have never eaten a raw apple (???). What's the most ordinary thing you've never done?
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Slacker and Steve - Slacker Doesn't Want to Try Poutine 3/19 (Audio)

People are freaking out saying everyone should try this sandwich: Peanut Butter and Jelly (so far, delicious) and MUSTARD? Other people say everyone should experience zero gravity. What’s something you think everyone should try?
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Slacker and Steve - Slacker Only Spent Five Minutes at the DMV. Is It a Sign of the Apocalypse!? 2/8 (Audio)

Going to the DMV always takes forever, right? Not today for Slacker! Surely this must mean the end of the world is near! What's happened to you that made you think: "This is a sign of the apocalypse!"
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