wild wedding

Lying Bride

Slacker and Steve - Wedding Bells Are Ringing...and Boots Are Knocking! 8/24 (Audio)

Click to listen to Slacker and Steve talk about wild weddings. This bride is really sticking to her vows. The groom was shot in the chest at the wedding, and the whole wedding party refuses to talk. That's a wild wedding for sure. What are your wild wedding stories?
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Drinking Groom

Slacker and Steve - Slacker Drank Too Much At His Wedding 9/12 (Audio)

Wedding dresses can be expensive, but that won’t stop this bride. She couldn’t stand the idea of just wearing it once, so she dyed it green so she can keep wearing it. Another bride’s family is requesting that wedding guests pay for their son’s meal after being a meal short during an ordering...
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Slacker and Steve - I Thought This Was a Wedding...What's With the Casket? 5/14 (Audio)

Weddings are expensive, and funerals are overpriced, so this bride wants to save some money by combining her aunt’s open casket funeral with her wedding. Most people think that’s creepy. Another bride got VERY upset after a guest came with 10 Tupperware containers. A little tacky, but it was just...
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