BJ & Jamie: We Talk To The Denver Woman Who Created Cherry Cole Oreos 5/16

The woman who entered the Oreos contest and submitted the idea of a cherry cola Oreo flavor joined BJ and Jamie this morning to talk about getting a raw deal. Oreos came out with the same flavor she submitted for the contest and took all of the credit! She is not happy even though they did send her...
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BJ & Jamie: Day without Woman Protest coming. 2/7 (AUDIO)

New woman protest planned soon it will be a Day Without Woman! Where all the ladies stay home from work and school. Read all about the protest HERE
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BJ & Jamie: Have women given up on house work? 10/24 (AUDIO)

BJ is asking a simple question this morning... have woman given up on house work. So men have to do all the work now? Callers have their opinion for him! Video of Funny Woman Cleaning The House !!!!
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