BJ & Jamie: Study Says Woman Only Date For Free Food! 6/24 (Audio)

A new Study is out that says one Third of woman go out on dates only for the free meal, they have no plan on a date going any further than a meal. Jamie says this is crap and woman date to find a connection. Read all About this Study HERE!
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Slacker and Steve - We're Nervous to Find Out...But We Want to Know What's In Your Purse! 11/29 (Audio)

Kate Middleton only carries a mirror, oil blotting papers, lip balm, and a handkerchief in her purse…everything else is probably in William’s pockets. Besides your phone and wallet, what do you have to carry at all times?
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Slacker and Steve - Woman Tough 8/15 (Audio)

(Think You're Tough?)... Woman Kills Rattlesnake And Then EATS It A Phoenix woman killed a rattlesnake in her backyard, and then ate it. The woman said she wanted to protect her two dogs, so she hit the rattlesnake on the head with a shovel to kill it. Afterward, her dad suggested she keep the skin...
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Marcus Mumford of Mumford & Sons performs at American Airlines Arena

Mumford & Sons Debut Three New Tracks at Festival

Mumford & Sons seem to be readying for the release of their first new music in three years with the live-debut of these brand new songs.
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