Ear Piercing

Slacker and Steve - Side Hustle? Tell Me About It, Stud! 11/1 (Audio)

I mean, this is a pretty smart, but illegal, side hustle…A woman who worked in a medical center was arrested for selling fake doctors notes to high school students so they could get out of class. What are your side hustles?
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Shocked Woman

Slacker and Steve - You'd Think Funeral Homes Would Know How to Do This! 10/28 (Audio)

OH NOOOO. A funeral home put the WRONG body in a casket. What are your "you had one job" stories?
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Boss Holding Fish

Slacker and Steve - She Left Her Boss a Smelly Surprise 9/17 (Audio)

So, there’s a few weird things about this story… 1. People in New Zealand are given a heads up if they’re getting fired and they are legally allowed to bring a “support person,” (typically a friend, spouse, lawyer) but, 2. This guy brought a clown to just sit there and make balloons while the guy...
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New Roommates

Slacker and Steve - OPP - She Needs a New Roommate ASAP, but Is She Looking In the Right Place? 9/4 (Audio)

Candy is looking for a place to live and one of her co-workers is looking for a roommate. Half of her other co-workers love him and the other hate him. She’s worried that if something were to go wrong while being roommates, it would not only affect the home life, but it would affect their workplace...
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Slacker and Steve - You Had One Job: Turn the Ski Lift Off 6/20 (Audio)

YOU. HAD. ONE. JOB. A UPS driver delivered sports cards worth $42 THOUSAND to the WRONG ADDRESS. UPS initially offered to pay back $100, but after realizing their mistake, sent a check for $10,000. What are your “you had one job” stories?
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Slacker and Steve - She Quit Her Job, but Not Before Causing Some Damage 5/21 (Audio)

We don’t have the guts to do this. A 17 year old announced he was quitting over the store’s intercom. He ended his rant with “F*** management, f*** this job and f*** Walmart.” Customers cheered and clapped as he walked out of the store. When have you left your job like a boss?
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Slacker and Steve - OPP - His Crush Has a New Boyfriend, but Does He Still Have a Chance? 5/1 (Audio)

Ben is here and he’s a little heart broken. He’s been flirting and went on a date with one of his coworkers, but she recently became “Facebook official” with someone else. He thought they had something together, but she had to have been seeing this guy for a bit now. He stalked the guy’s social...
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Slacker and Steve - A Code Purple Means WHAT!? 4/12 (Audio)

We recently got interested in the codes that are announced over the intercoms at stores. Code Orange is a chemical spill, Code Red is a fire, and on a ship, Code Oscar means someone fell overboard. What are your work secret codes?
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Slacker and Steve - She Went to Work With Her Dad, But It Wasn't What She Expected 3/15 (Audio)

Finding a job that you actually enjoy is nearly impossible. There’s no way this diver that went down nearly 100 feet in a sewer well actually liked that. What’s the worst job you’ve had?
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Slacker and Steve - This Is a Crime He'll Never FOREget 3/8 (Audio)

Most of us take simple things like pens from work, but when your projects are a bit bigger, like Chris Hemsworth in Thor, you can get away with taking more, like Thor’s hammers. Confession time. What have you stolen from work?
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