BJ & Jamie: Sean Wants the Hawks To Take His Chickens. 3/1 (Audio)

Sean had a Hawk fly through his yard yesterday and he really didn’t do anything to stop them from eating his Chickens. Video of Big Hawk wants to eat my chickens!!
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Sam Hill: Dancing Hotdog Costume, Fitbit for Your Pup, Boulder is Happy and More!

Have you ever participated in a kickstarter? I just invested in a special measuring cup that give more accurate liquid measurement- yeah, I do love me some baking. During the show today I mentioned one called the Waggit- it's basically a Fitbit for your doggo!! Who can forget the Snapchat filter of...
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BJ & Jamie: Sean Blow Drying a Chicken. 5/2 (AUDIO)

Sean put a picture of himself blow drying a chicken.. Was he stoned? It is very common to give your chickens a bath.. and afterwards do a little blow drying. Video of Blow drying a chicken!
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