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BJ & Jamie: Cam Newton Says "Sorry". 10/6 (AUDIO)

Cam Newton upset a female reporter saying its funny hearing a female talk about Routes, Now he say he is sorry in an Instagram video. Read all about this story HERE Video of Cam Newton Laughs at Female Reporter | SEXIST? Video of Cam Newton apologizes for comments about female reporter | ESPN
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BJ & Jamie: Cam Newton Sexist? 10/5 (AUDIO)

Cam Newton replied in a sexist way to a female sports reporter, after she asked a question on his receiver's routes. Read the whole story HERE Video of Cam Newton disrespects female writer
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BJ & Jamie: Beth Mowins To Call NFL Game. 5/17 (AUDIO)

The NFL has hired a female broadcaster and she will be calling her first Monday night game between the Broncos and the Chargers. Jamie says she thinks this is dumb and there is no reason for it. She will be the first woman since 1987 to call a football game. Read all about Beth Mowins HERE Video of...
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