BJ & Jamie: Jeremy Hubbard Campaign Song for DIA Train. 2/21

Jeremy Hubbard wants to be the new voice for the Trains at DIA. Well we want to help him win and now we have a Hubbard Campaign song. We talked to Jeremy and he loves the song and hopes its just what he needs to win! LISTEN TO JEREMY HUBBA HUBBA HUBBARD. Jeremy Hubba Hubba song .mp3
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BJ & Jamie: Jamie Got A Gift From Hubba Hubbard. 10/4 (AUDIO)

Everyone at Fox31 knows that Jamie has the hots for Jeremy Hubbard and the news got out and the crew at Fox talked about it.. And Jamie talked about how she is trying to break up his marriage well yesterday a gift showed up and it was a giant Fat Head of Jeremy’s face! Watch the video of Fox 31...
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