BJ & Jamie: Vegas Flight Deplaned, Breast Milk Banned at Boarding, Lady Scared of Lizard (Audio) 5/11

Audio of a woman who will not get off a plane. She says it was racially charged attack and she would not get out of her seat. The Pilot evacuated the whole plane. The plane was on its way to Las Vegas and the folks on board were not happy. Another story of a woman with breast milk she was boarding...
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Sam Hill: What Scares Us Most, Irony and The Only US City That's a Must-Visit

I'm hoping I can get outside this afternoon and at least take a quick walk... it's so warm and beautiful out!! Of course, tomorrow will not be warm at all as we're expecting some rain/snow. Gotta love Colorado. The travel people at Lonely Planet have released their list of must-see places for 2018...
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