BJ & Jamie: Matthew Mellon, husband of Tamara Mellon of Jimmy Choo, dies in rehab 4/17

The Founder of the shoe company Jimmy Choo Tamara Mellon’s husband has died in a rehab center in Cancun Mexico. He had a $100,000 a month addiction. And was taking up to 80 OxyContin a day! He made a billion dollars on Bitcoin. Read the whole story HERE Video of Billionaire Matthew Mellon pass away...
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BJ & Jamie: Boys Anti-Bullying Video Goes Viral. 12/11 (AUDIO)

There is a video of a boy who is being bullied and he has his mom record him asking why do kids do this?. They call him names and throw food at him and other kids and it makes him sad. Several celebrities have come out in support of him. Read The Whole Story HERE! Video of Heartbreaking video of...
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