Tim Tebow

BJ & Jamie: Tim Tebow demoted to the minor leagues, Columbia Fireflies 3/21 (AUDIO)

Tim Tebow's time in the major leagues has been short lived. He has been demoted to Columbia Fireflies. Read more HERE Video of Tim Tebow will be assigned to the Mets’ low Class-A affiliate
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BJ & Jamie: Tim Tebow the healer? 10/12 (AUDIO)

Tim Tebow Miracle!! A man has a seizure during a game and Tim lays on hands an prays for him and he recovered fully. Read the whole story HERE Here is the video of the whole thing! Video of Tim Tebow comforts fan who suffered seizure he puts his hands on him and says a prayer
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BJ & Jamie: Tim Tebow To The Rescue! (Audio)

Tim Tebow was flying to Phoenix over the weekend when a fellow passenger appeared to be having heart issues and fell unconscious. Tim went to that passenger's section of the plane to console his family. They cried on his shoulder as Tim and other passengers prayed for the man. Once the flight...
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