Social media

BJ & Jamie - Dissapointed on social media

Have you ever unfriended someone cause of a stupid comment or post on social media? We have!
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BJ & Jamie: Facebook Knows You By Your Likes! 5/17 (AUDIO)

Facebook is tracking everything we do. So every like every comment is being saved and Facebook is collecting your likes and dislikes so they can get a picture of who you are and what you like. The research says that if you have liked things more than 10 times then Facebook knows you as well as a co...
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BJ & Jamie: BJ & Jamie Twitter War, #FirstTo5000! 1/23 (AUDIO)

Twitter War talk… BJ started a Twitter challenge over the weekend but Jamie says she is not sure she even gets Twitter #FirstTo5000 Some people are unfollowing BJ and following Jamie. BJ almost stooped to offering people follow for follows…. Jamie's Twitter: @JaamieWhite BJ's Twitter: @...
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