Sam Hill: $9,000 Ball of Yarn, Rose and Jack's Dilemma and More!

Here's some of the topics I touched on today! A "tin can" for a grand? A fake paper cup for 95 bucks? A ball of yarn for 9 THOUSAND dollars? All things you can get from Tiffany's Every Objects Collection. Finally, the perfect shopping site for all my stocking stuffer needs! I kid, I kid... So, the...
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BJ & Jamie: James Cameron says Titanic's door was too small for Jack and Rose. 1/31 (AUDIO)

James Cameron says that anyone saying that Jack and Rose could have fit on the floating door is full of Crap and there is no way the two of them would have fit. Jamie watched Titanic with her son and he tore the graphics apart. Read what James Cameron Has to say about this debate HERE! Video of...
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