Sam Hill: Reusable Toilet Paper- Wow or Ew?

Would you use reusable toilet paper? I have concerns about this... mostly regarding contaminating. And then there's just the EW factor. ‘Family Cloth’ (AKA Reusable Toilet Paper) Is A Thing And I Tried It — Scary Mommy (@ScaryMommy) March 16, 2018...
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Sam Hill: Girl Scout Cookies Are Back and The Most Expensive Bottle of Vodka on Earth is Stolen!

They're baaaaaaack!! No, I'm not talking about anything scary... unless you can't control yourself and go full cookie monster on those thin mints. Yep, Girl Scout Cookies are back today. Purchase wisely. Girl Scout cookies are officially on sale:
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Chipotle is closing all Restaurants for one day!

DON'T PANIC!!! Deep breath, everyone. OK. Here it goes: Chipotle will be closing all its restaurants for one day. That means for a few hours on this one day, you will not have access to Chipotle. You're panicking, aren't you? Put your head between your legs and breathe deeply. Now everyone is...
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