BJ & Jamie: 2 women lost at sea may of wanted some publicity (Audio)

2 women were rescued from a boat lost at sea, but their story doesnt add up! Read more here! Video of Two Women Lost At Sea For 5 Months Survived Shark Attacks And Storms | TIME
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Bj and Jamie: Women reveal what they really find attractive about men. 4/20 (AUDIO)

Women, what makes you fall for a guy? Is he romantic, a manly man, is he sensitive? What is it that makes your heart melt? Men, here are somethings you might want to know. Read more HERE Video of Women reveal what they REALLY find attractive in men
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BJ & Jamie: A Day Without Women..Whats it all about? (AUDIO)

Bj says tomorrow is gonna be a tough day. “A DAY WITHOUT WOMEN!” No participation from women in anything! Work, shopping, no cleaning, nothing! To show how much women are needed. 300 women in a school in Virginia have requested to participate in “A day without Women” so they are closing the public...
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