BJ & Jamie: Justify Wins The Preakness, Royal Wedding News (Audio) 5/21

Video of 2018 Preakness Stakes I FULL RACE I NBC Sports Justify won the Preakness he could win triple crown. The Jaguar that Harry and Meghan left in was a converted 60s into an electric car. The Bishop who gave sermon got some dirty looks for going too long, he was not very royal.
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Sam Hill: Rats, Horsey Hotel, Name That Tune and #metoo

Welcome to Tuesday friends! I need to mention the #metoo that's been floating around social media the past couple of days. I'm proud of all the friends and aquaintences that have stepped up to courageously tell their stories of harrassment and/or sexual abuse. So many people that I know very well...
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Bj & Jamie: Place your bets everyone!! A horse vs a alligator...who will win??? 4/11 (AUDIO)

You would think this would be a easy guess. Some may say the alligator just has to bite the horse and others may say the horse just has to step on his head. What do you think?? Was your guess right??? Read more HERE
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